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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IS FaceBoOk LovE CorRecT ...??

Ashu Arora
Guest Writer 
(Dubai; U.A.E.)
Love  is not about being  together or  hugging or kissing or meeting etc….    but also about  making ur loved L  …….  Despite of many  problems in our relation  stillll we fall in love ….. I know  we hav to face soo much in future bt still we  make my present happy …    I keeps on thinking   may b if we stand in our present we will  run in our future …love makes all good bt only wen  both partners r loyal  to each other …   if 1 is loyal  other is nt ….. life is ruined …tottaallyyy spoiled …..bt hopes 4 best love if …..now a days u see facebook love too ….this love is true or nt all doubt  always … ..In  1 meeting also some fall n love  for tht all say lov in first meeting  ….  so here on facebook person  talks more than 1 meeting if m nt wrong ..they share all  with each other  ….  Wt u say is thisfacebook  love correct ….  Ke no ..????
1 happy …..  we all know all lovestories r nt completed …mirza and heer and all ….  Wen we fall in love all is awesomm ..feels special  …smile without reason …thinks of betterhalf all tim long  …wanna b with them  all tim long ….  Bt wen we think of future it makes us sad …   becoz  I think  may b our lovestory  will b also left alone same way …. 


shravan shukla said...

maybe! all are different. maybe its correct... but in my words.. its definitely correct because dis time.. our whole culture is changed.. now our culture is much friendly !

Faisal said...

well.. there are some fact problems! but as a whole its a very good article.
Yes I think facebook love can be 'sometimes' true..those are lucky who get true love via facebook and they get their lover in the real life too. It's just so amazing but not very common.!

Ashu Arora said...

ya its rare ..bt everything is possible in today's world ...

shravan shukla said...

faisal.. i agree with you dude

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