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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FAQ on 'Aadhaar' (To go with 'How to get your own unique identity')

FAQ on 'Aadhaar' (To go with 'How to get your own unique identity')

Some frequently asked questions answered on "Aadhaar":

What is Aadhaar:

A tool for social empowerment and inclusion, Aadhaar is a 12-digit number being issued to all residents by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This number is stored in a central database and linked to some basic demographics and biometric information -- photo, 10 fingerprints and iris -- of each individual.

Why Aadhaar:

For applicants, Aadhaar, over time, will be recognised and accepted across the country and become the basic, universal identity of residents for all public and private services. Once enrolled, service providers will no longer face the problem of performing repeated 'know your customer' checks.

Genesis of Aadhaar:

Inability to prove one's 'identity' is one of the biggest barriers preventing the poor from accessing benefits and subsidies given by the government or private agencies. Aadhaar promises an identity to every resident - children, differently-abled people, tribespeople, unorganised workers, the poor and the marginalised can also secure a unique identity.

Who can get Aadhaar:

Every individual, from infants to seniors, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the Authority can get an Aadhaar.

How to Get Aadhaar:

The resident needs to go to the nearest enrolment camp and register for an Aadhaar, along with certain specified documents. Upon registering, residents will go through a biometric scanning of 10 fingerprints and iris. They will then be photographed. The 'Aadhaar' number will be issued within 20-30 days.

How to track Aadhaar application:

Every resident seeking enrolment is given a printed acknowledgment form with an enrolment number that enables her/him to make queries through any of the communication channels - phone, fax, letter or e-mail.

What use can Aadhaar be put to:

Aadhaar means foundation. It can be used in any system that needs to establish the identity of a person seeking a service. It will particularly help the delivery of programmes on food and nutrition, employment, education, inclusion and social security, healthcare, and other services such as property transactions, election card, tax card and driving licence


Aadhaar said...

How to search Aadhaar card status by name?

Aadhar Card said...

How to aadhar card form download?

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